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Stemble is an AI-powered platform for faculty, staff, and students in higher education
Our Story

Frustrated with high-priced publishers and fragmented solutions for teaching and learning in higher education, we founded stemble, the first all-in-one smart course management tool.

Our Vision

By leveraging the power of AI to bring every student a customized learning experience tailored to their own strengths and weaknesses, we aim to change the face of education.


Stemble maps a subject-specific knowledge base onto interactive assignments, videos, articles, and activities to actually capture student knowledge rather than just progress.


How it works

For Staff

Get real-time feedback on your interactive dashboard to track student progress, or let stemble automatically identify student weaknesses and recommend a custom study program. No more tracking down late assignments, grading endless papers, or trolling the internet for suitable content. Instead, spend your time engaging your students and sharing your passion for your subject matter.

For Students

Stemble provides intelligent feedback and guidance as you progress through your course. Get automatic notifications for upcoming tests, assignments, classes and labs. You can even have tailored content delivered right to your inbox based on your own strengths and weaknesses. It’s like having a full-time tutor.



Assign good tasks

With stemble, anything can become an assignment.  Choose from any of our thousands of smart questions, or instead assign videos, articles, or other interactive content from the web.  Stemble will track who’s engaged with what so you can attach grades or other incentives.

Give good feedback

Using stemble’s powerful knowledge base, intelligent feedback is automatic and individual. So students can spend their time making progress with course material instead of spinning their wheels with yet another rigid online homework tool.

Integrate your team

Large classes need a team to run smoothly. Lecturers, teaching assistants, lab instructors, graders, etc. Stemble seamlessly integrates them all in one platform. So lab instructors can assign lab-specific material, while graders securely enter exam grades and everyone is in the loop.

Manage timetables

Large classes have complicated schedules. Class sections, lab groups, study sessions, all contain different subgroups of the whole class, who meet at different times in different places.  Stemble makes managing tricky schedules a breeze to keep your team and students focused on what matters most.

Publisher agnostic

Use whatever tools you already know and trust. Stemble can be assimilated to your existing workflow and educational resources.

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